Paragliding & Paramotoring in Alabama

At GilderGear, we strive to provide local pilots with access to the best equipment and newest paragliding technology.

We are direct importers for Ozone and authorized dealers for:

Gin, Advance, Nova, Swing, Sup-Air, Nervure, Kortel and Fresh Breeze. 

We can provide competitive pricing on the latest equipment from these fine brands. 

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As a part-time business, we have decided to suspend our weekend training activities due to lack of necessary time to dedicate to our students.  Please see our training partners or contact us directly for recommendations on receiving certified instruction.


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Paragliding requires significant training.  We will not sell essential PG or PPG flight equipment (i.e. paragliders or motor units) to anyone until we have verified that they have received or arranged for training with a recognized instructor.  Verification can be presented as a valid USHGA or USPPA rating card or personal reference from your instructor (we want to talk to them).

We will not sell an uncertified glider to a beginner pilot, nor train a beginner student on an uncertified glider, regardless of where the student obtained the glider.  Certification means that a paraglider has been tested and rated by one of the following organizations:  DHV, DLUV, AFNOR or SHV.  You can be trained by GliderGear with the use of one of our certified paragliders in your solo flights under our supervision.